I Blame Mom

My mom, who passed away from the affects of kidney disease just a decade ago, loved everyone. I don’t remember ever noticing an issue with race, class, or any other distinction in how she treated people. Everyone was God’s child and He told her to love them so she did.

She was an amazing example of how to live and I totally blame her for what happened tonight!

We took in our 6th foster child today, officially filling up our house and flooding our hearts with opportunities to love on these children who need love and nurturing. I don’t know if this will be for a season, or for life legally, but in my heart of hearts, all six of these children are home and will forever have a bed to rest on and a seat at my table to eat at.

I’m both excited and scared to death tonight as I take a half-hour to shower, shave and write a bit. I pray that I am nothing more than God’s hands and feet on a journey to give each one of our kids a full and happy life.

Now…to figure out a new household schedule!


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