A time to grow…

Lately, my wife and I have been noticing and talking a lot about how much our foster kids are growing.

Now yes they are getting bigger as far as jumping to the next size clothes and shoes, but the growing we are talking about is in their abilities, personalities, and emotions.

Our kids, like many foster children, are scarred by abuse and neglect and came to us behind in one area or another. But as we work with them, they are quickly outgrowing those hindrances and not only catching up, but in many cases and issues they are surpassing their age level.

Now I wonder, if my amazing kids can take a little love and devotion and turn it into progress beyond words, what a different world might it be if we took this same love and devotion and applied it to everyone we meet, not just our foster babies?

Would the young woman who secretly starves herself be able to relax and enjoy a meal again? What about the man who’s been cutting himself since he was a teenager, would he be able to put down the blade and let his wounds heal?

We focus so much on the hurting of foster children, and rightfully so, but how many fewer foster children would their be if we worked on the rest of the world? Would a mom choose to play with her kids instead of snorting lines of coke? Would a father see his anger issues and get help before he hurt his wife and children?

For this week’s motivation, I hope you’ll look into yourself and see what you can do to help someone who’s hurting while motivating others to do the same. If we all help someone, maybe, just maybe we can fix the problems in the foster care system before they even begin by keeping children and families out altogether!


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