Continuing to Figure Things Out

If you know me at all or have read some of my previous posts, you know that color coordination and organization come hand-in-hand, esp when it comes to our kids. 

To that end, Target is officially my hero today.  While doing some shopping for a trip we are taking next weekend, I walked through the school supply section to see if there was anything I couldn’t live with out. Aisle one, backpacks…eh, but then aisle two…storage, file folders, note book dividers, and posters.  I.E. analog nerdvana!

Now before I tell you what I found that had me squeal like a school girl in the middle of Target today, let me bounce back and explain how we came up with the color system we have current. Things 1 and 2 came first, one boy, one girl so they were naturally blue and pink based on gender. Then we found out we would be getting Thing 3 and possibly Thing 4. At the time, we were told this too would be a girl and a boy….it turned out to be two girls,  it hey it is DFPS who would expect any less. Anywho, one of us went to the store to get new notebooks and all that was available at the time was purple and orange. And finally when Thing 5 was to be coming again all that was available at the store, that we didn’t have in use was Green.

So thats how we came up with Thing 1 = blue, Thing 2= pink, Thing 3 = purple, Thing 4 = orange and Thing 5 = green.  And for those wondering, if thing 6 does come, the notebook is already bought and it’s yellow.

Anywho, back to Target today. As I rounded the corner to aisle 2, I immediately spotted a baking file folder system with a folder in each of our current kids colors in it! 

Now of course I’ve rearranged and added a few thing to the files, a folder for things I need to give to our awesome case worker at the agency, a folder for thing I need to get done and more, but when I saw this, it was like God opened the gates of heaven and said, “Here this’ll help.”

So yes for those who were at Target and heard a 37 yo fat guy squeal like a 6 yo girl on the play ground….sorry. It was just a bit of nerd-citment happening in the school supply section, nothing to write home about.
Though…i guess I did huh?


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