Polishing His Boots

I was watching my fosters play today when I realized that Thing 1 had gotten himself a baby wipe and had commence to polishing and cleaning his boots. These are just some rain boots someone had given us that the kids all take turns wearing while playing dress-up but Thing 1 really loves them and rarely has them off.

He spent the better part of an hour working on these boots, not making a dent in how they really looked to my eyes but to his, they were like new. And that got me to thinking. 

God spends days, weeks, months, years, lifetimes working on us and the moment we accept His grace we are new in His eyes. To Him we are perfect and clean even if the world doesn’t see any difference at all. 

Have you been washed in the blood? Are you new in God’s eyes? If not, why not accept His grace, forget the world’s opinion and Let God cleanse and renew you?


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