A Calendar of Fruit Loops

I posted on my Facebook earlier today that my calendar looked line a Lite Brite had vomited all over it.  Sadly I felt really old when someone asked me what a Lite Brite was. 

With anywhere from four to six kids,  currently we have five,  keeping things straight means there is a rainbow of colored gel pens in my pocket/bag at all times.  Dentist appointments,  well checks, other Dr appointments,  CPS Visits,  CASA visits, ECI, therapies, Bio Visits,  play dates,  trainings,  and so much more gets confusing as to who is doing what without something to easily tell things apart. 

Luckily,  quite by accident actually,  the 3-ring-binders that we keep the kids info and notes in are all different colors,  so everything else is following that pattern. 

Thing 1 has appointment X, grab a blue pen,  Thing 3 needs to see the eye Dr, where is my purple pen. Etc, etc. But it doesn’t end for us there. 

When you have this many people in a small space,  patient zero can infect the masses with just a sneeze.  So we have gone a step beyond color coding their notes and their calendar dates.  We color code pretty much everything.  Toothbrushes,  plates,  cups, even some toys are assigned by color to each of the children.  This saves my life when someone gets sick because,  since all the kids are used to drinking from their own cup daily,  using their color plate and their color toothbrush,  there’s less of a chance of Thing 4 getting the germs from Thing 2’s stomach bug. 

Plus,  there is far less of the,  “but that’s my cup” type whines around the house. So when we can buy toys in the child’s color…JACKPOT!!

Whoever makes Mangadoodles is my best friend because they come in so many colors.  Ooh the fights we used to have over those stupid pieces of plastic and magnets but now that everyone has their own…well at least they aren’t fighting over those. 

Soon we have plans to repair the kid’s dressers and create homework bins that will be color coded as well.  The system works and even our 19mo old gets it, so we are gonna use it.  

I just how that they like their cars in these colors when they turn 16!


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