Man Up!

I recently had to take one of the foster kids in yup have a rapid MRI of an old injury done just to ensure nothing new was going on.  The doctor’s office is in another city and so the RMRI took place in the attached hospital up there.  It’s a solid two hour drive there so I decided to take the  one that needed the rest along with the two others that are closest to her age meaning I have a 5 month old,  an 18 month old sand a 2 year old in two while our oldest two stayed home to go swimming with their grandmother.

I wasn’t concerned.  When we started this journey,  some amazing friends gave us a double stroller and I’ve picked up a “kangaroo pouch” along the way,  so I had this. What I wasn’t prepared for was the number of people telling me how awesome I was for doing it.


Yes I know these kids are close in age.  I know that it is a juggling act to get things done with three, hell you should try five which I do every day!

But what does it say about society that a man caring for and working with three children at any age is praised and amazing?

The Run Down

Men, I don’t care if you have kids you’ve sired yourself or if like me your a foster dad, it is time to MAN UP!!!  Society shouldn’t be in shock and awe because we are raising our kids, they should be appalled because someone isn’t.  I want to see more men at the parks playing with their kid, more men taking time off of work to handle doctor appointments, and school events, more men taking their kids to church, and more men being fathers!  If we want our next generation to be better than today’s we have to start here at home!



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